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We make it easier obtain car loans in Santa Ana, even if you have less-than-perfect credit. We put you in touch with loan providers who consistently give car loans to applicants in Santa Ana, CA. The application process will take under 3-4 minutes.

Acceptance Considerations

  • Average Santa Ana Income: $25,065 Yearly
  • Average CA Credit Rating: 672

Generally, auto loan providers will expect you to earn at least $1500 income a month, and your level of existing debt, including your new loan, shouldn’t surpass fifty percent of your income. For car shoppers who live in Santa Ana, CA, this equates to $1,045, on average. Even when you can’t meet these conditions, it’s likely that you will meet the criteria with a co-signer, larger down payment, or even via buy here pay here financing in Santa Ana, CA.

Zero Down Auto Finance in Santa Ana (CA)

Interested in an auto loan with no down payment in Santa Ana, CA? We help people find zero down car deals all the time. Just submit your application. But needless to say, a down payment is a good idea if you can afford it. Almost all finance companies will be delighted by an advance payment of 15 to 20%. You also need to consider your regular monthly payment. Try not to invest in excess of 18-20% of your income for your California auto loan. Consider average numbers for California residents.

  • Yearly Income: $25,065
  • Per month Income: $2,089
  • Monthly Budget: $376-$418

Worried about your credit? Get more information about California bad credit auto loans.

Car Loans With Bad Credit in Santa Ana, California

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It’s essential to plan properly for your car loan. This rule is crucial: never devote above 15% of your income monthly toward paying back your bad credit car loan. How much would that be? Considering that the average income in Santa Ana is $25,065, we’re looking at a car payment of $313. Furthermore, it’s best to supply a considerable down payment whenever you can. New cars and trucks depreciate rapidly, but a down payment counterbalances this. Furthermore, we encourage you to spend your money on a low cost used car with good fuel economy.

No Credit Check Auto Financing in Santa Ana, CA

Interested in buying a used car or truck in Santa Ana, CA with no credit check? Buy here pay here dealerships may be your only choice.

At a buy here pay here car dealership, also called no credit check or your job is your credit car lots, the dealership does not make use of off-site creditors to provide financing. Basically, these dealerships grant in house financing car loans to California car shoppers with bad credit scores.

These types of auto loans will often be available with no credit check.

Sadly, you need to consider some major drawbacks. We’d be careless not to bring up:

  • Exorbitant Apr
  • Significant Down Payment Requirements
  • Vehicles That Have Lots of Miles
Car Loans in CA
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But fear not, you may be able to get approved for the car loan you’re looking for without resorting to tote the note financing.

Not sure what type of car you should buy? Explore our section regarding cheap used cars in CA.

Dealerships That Finance People With Bad Credit in Santa Ana (CA)

  • Auto Select, 1206 N Harbor Blvd, 92703
  • Auto Plus, 1231 South Main Street, 92707
  • Auto Expo Sales & Service, 510 North Harbor Boulevard, 92703
  • Autos Michocan, 2423 South Main Street, 92707
  • Guaranty Cheverolet, 711 East 17th Street, 92701
  • Aero Mobility, 2345 North Grand Avenue, 92705
  • Acapulco Auto Sales Inc, 1731 West 1st Street, 92703
  • Cars Unlimited, 2315 West 1st Street, 92703
  • Anaya Whsle, 834 Hunter Avenue, 92701
  • Cal State Trucks and Vans, 324 South Harbor Boulevard, 92704
  • Bauer Jaguar, 1455 S. Auto Mall Drive, 92705
  • Best Auto Deal, 830 South Harbor Boulevard, 92704
  • Advantage Auto Sales, 1020 South Harbor Boulevard, 92704
  • Arco Auto Sales, 2610 Orange Avenue, 92707
  • Crevier MINI, 1455 Auto Mall Dr, 923
  • Crevier BMW, 1500 Auto Mall Dr, 923
  • Freeway Honda, 1505 Auto Mall Dr, 923
  • OC Autos, 707 N Harbor Blvd, 92811
  • Mission Auto Sales, LLC, 1635 W 5th St, 90680
  • Coastal Auto Sales, 1142 W 1st St, 90680
  • Volvo of Orange County, 1400 S Dan Gurney Dr, 90680
  • Moon Auto Wholesale, 2327 S Main St, 90743
  • Velocity Motors, 1231 S Main St, 92782
  • Saturn of Santa Ana, 1350 Auto Mall Dr, 92811
  • Cendant Car Rental Group-Sales, 4101 S Main St, 92811