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Here at Auto Loan in California, we will help you find auto loans in Burbank, no matter if you have less-than-perfect credit. We put you in touch with finance companies who frequently give car loans to consumers in Burbank, CA. Your application will be protected by SSL security.

Zero Down Car Loans: Burbank (CA)

Trying to find an auto loan with no money down in Burbank, CA? We can help. That said, a down payment is strongly recommended if you have enough cash. Generally, loan companies will be satisfied with a down payment of 15-20%.

Another thing to consider is your car payment. Don’t spend over 18-20% of your income for your California car loan. Let’s consider average numbers for California drivers.

  • $1,483: Income (Per Month)
  • $267 to $297: Monthly Payment

Worried about your credit? Read more about auto financing with bad credit below.

Buying a Car with Bad Credit in Burbank, CA: Getting Approved

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It is essential to plan the right way for your auto loan in Burbank, CA, particularly when you have a bad credit score. You wouldn’t want to reduce your credit scores further. So please do not commit more than 15% of your income a month toward paying off your bad credit loan.

  • $222: 15% of average income in Burbank, CA
  • $74: 5% for gas, routine maintenance, etc.

On top of that, you should offer a big down payment whenever possible. New cars lose value immediately. A down payment serves to counteract this.

No Credit Check Car Loans in Burbank, CA

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In Burbank, CA, buy here pay here financing has become a whole lot more popular. These dealers may be known as:

  • Bad Credit Car Lots
  • Your Job is Your Credit Dealerships
  • In House Financing Car Lots

These types of auto loans will often be offered without any credit check. Regrettably, they have some key downsides. The rates of interest and advance payments are high; at the same time, it will be really difficult to to repair your credit rating through this kind of an establishment.

Make sure you explore any CA buy here pay here dealership on the internet. Try and find someone who has bought a car from them recently. Find out whether or not the dealer is of good repute.

Used And Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships in Burbank, CA

  • Autoworkz, 272 W Olive Ave, 91502
  • Allan RV & Auto Center, 405 South Victory Boulevard, 91502
  • A G M Auto, 1025 South San Fernando Boulevard, 91502
  • ATV REPO DEPO, 420 South Victory Boulevard, 91502
  • ARIA Motor Sport, 1620 West Magnolia Boulevard, 91506
  • Burbank Motors, 549 South San Fernando Boulevard, 91502
  • Advantage Auto, 1061 North Victory Place, 91502
  • B & B Auto Body Works, 1017 West Magnolia Boulevard, 91506
  • Joe’s Auto Wholesale, 1111 S Flower St, 91504
  • Lion Auto Sales, 2320 W Burbank Blvd, 923
  • Carmax Auto Superstore, 1000 S Flower St, 90704
  • EMPOWER, 1200 N Hollywood Way, 90704