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Car Loans – Antioch (CA)

Trying to find auto loans in Antioch, CA? Sure, plenty of loan companies have stiffened up their guidelines, but there are finance companies who want your business – it’s our mission to connect you with them. Best of all, it is free of charge.

Getting Approved

  • Average Antioch Income: $2,516 Per Month
  • Average CA Credit Rating: 672

For the most part, car loan companies will want you to hold a regular job with $1500 income a month, and your total monthly debt, inclusive of your auto loan, should not exceed one half of your income. For car shoppers who live in Antioch, CA, this is $1,258, on average. Earnings or credit ratings too low? Don’t worry. You might still qualify as long as you:

Auto Loans in CA
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  1. Provide Someone to Co-sign
  2. Provide More Money Down
  3. Trade in a Car or Truck
  4. Go with Buy Here Pay Here Car Loans.

Have you figured out how much you should be spending each month for your new car? As a rule, it’s best to commit just 1/5 of your monthly income for your monthly payments, fuel, and maintenance. If you earn $30,187 per year, this means $453 to $503 each month. Believe it or not, used auto loans are preferable, as brand new cars depreciate too soon to be a good purchase.

Auto Loans With Bad Credit in Antioch, California

These are some tips to better your odds of getting approved for a bad credit finance package in Antioch, CA.

  • Offer More Money Down.
  • Get a Co-buyer.
  • Don’t Devote Over a Fifth of Your Monthly Wages to Paying Down Your Auto Loan
  • If All Else Fails, Get Financed at a BHPH Car Lot.

What kind of car or truck should you purchase? Used. Without a doubt. A used vehicle is less perilous with regards to negative equity.

No Credit Check Auto Loans: Antioch (CA)

In Antioch, California, buy here pay here financing has become a whole lot more popularly accepted.

These dealers may be called: Tote the Note, Your Job is Your Credit, or in house financing car lots in Antioch, California.

If you’ve got below-average credit, tracking down an in house financing car lot in Antioch, California might sound like your best option.

Sadly, they have several main downsides. The APR rates and down payments are higher than average; what’s more, you won’t have much of a chance to rebuild your credit score through such an establishment.

Make sure that you research any CA buy here pay here car lot on the internet. Attempt to find somebody who has obtained a car or truck from them in the past, and ask whether or not the establishment is considered to be reputable.

Dealer Loans in Antioch, CA

  • California Car Sales, 1104 Somersville Road, 94509
  • Auto One Sales, 1101 West 10th Street, 94509
  • Antioch Nissan, 1831 Auto Center Dr, 94565