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California Auto Insurance Agents Urged to Target Customers Online

Observers and representatives of the California auto insurance industry are urging agents to re-shift their focus to better meet the demands of auto insurance customers who are increasingly going online as they are looking for insurance. With the amount of ad space and radio and television time online insurance companies are getting nowadays, it should […]

California DMV To Levy Fines Against Chrysler

Chrysler Corp. had been running a corporate owned dealership in Los Angeles. That was in direct contradiction to franchise agreements with other Chrysler dealerships. The automaker is voluntarily selling the dealership, but the CDMV is considering levying fines anyway. Chrysler had hoped that by selling Motor Village of Los Angeles to New Century Automotive Group […]

California Ranks Highest on Audi Road Frustration Index

Audi is plugging the 2012 A6 to anyone it can possibly force copy onto. Nothing new there. You can not turn on the television without seeing an ad from some automaker. What Audi is doing different in this campaign is that they are offering a contest in exchange for a pledge to safer driving habits. […]

Is Compressed Natural Gas The Future For Taxis?

The taxi industry is always looking for ways to save money and be more profitable. Fuel is the biggest expense industry wide. The most recent way taxi services are trying to save on fuel costs is to use compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. California Yellow Cab of Orange County recently put 10 CNG vehicles into […]

CA Auto Loan Deals: Chabot Credit Union

Are you a student, staff, or faculty member at Las Positas or Chabot College?  If so, you may be able to qualify for a  36 month California auto loan at 3.7% APR through Chabot Credit Union in Dublin, CA.  What’s more, you may be able to get accepted for one of these credit union auto […]

California Turns Up The Heat On Texting And Driving

California, like 33 other states, currently has a ban on texting and talking on hand held cellphones. That ban doesn’t seem to be getting the message across effectively, so the state is considering adding a little more heat. A proposed law would increase fines and fees for violators and aims to add points to their […]

Dealerships Managing Inventory Shortages

It seems like an eternity ago, but the disasters in Japan are just a few months removed. March saw the greatest natural devastation the island nation has ever seen. The people are recovering, but there are still repercussions being seen around the globe five months later. Those repercussions are manifesting themselves as shortages of products, […]