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San Francisco Gets Its First Fiat Studio

The Chrysler Group LLC has announced that San Francisco now has its first Fiat showroom. This is especially good news for both Fiat and the City by the Bay due to their joint love for all things green. Moreover, the opening of the showroom is quite an accomplishment for Chrysler considering how competitive the real […]

California: The Nation’s Worst Drivers…Again

Dang, California loses again. I was sure that California had the worst drivers in the nation. After all, there is a reason I arrive at the office each morning with me knuckles white and my teeth clenched. However, according to the Craig opver at Boldride, California’s drivers are not bad at all, at least not […]

San Diego Man Confesses to Stealing Corvette 23 Years Ago

An unidentified Irish immigrant stole a new Chevrolet Corvette from a dealership in San Diego in 1989. Then, worried about being caught with the car, he placed the car in storage, where it sat until just recently. When the car was first stored, the car thief paid $50 a month in storage. However, in recent […]

Low-Income South-Bay Families Get Car Loan Program

A national car loan program has stretched its tentacles into the lives of poor families in California’s bay area (in a good way). Ways to Work offers low-interest auto financing to parents who are trying to become self-sufficiency. At least one mother has benefited from the program. Regina Barrios of San Jose says that her […]

Carmageddon II: Should We Care?

Los Angeles is in the news again. This time, the nationwide coverage is for a two-day closure of a ten-mile stretch of its 405 Freeport near the Sepulveda Pass. Yeah, this writer doesn’t know where that is either. The closure is due to the scheduled demolition of a bridge somewhere near or on the closed […]

109 Years Ago: The First Trans-Nation Drive Ends

One-hundred and nine years ago this September 17th, an Old Runabout completed the first recorded drive across the continental United States. Taking a total of 79 days, the Olds Runabout, driven by Lester Whitman and Eugene Hammond, failed to hit the road on 12 days so that it could be repaired and, for a section […]

California Shoots Self in Head Six Years Ago, Signs Greenhouse Gas Law

It was six years ago this August 30th that then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger California Assembly Bill 32 into law to give California the (dis)honor of being the first state to put a limit on greenhouse gases to include those produced by vehicles. Industry folks say that it is this law that determines what we all drive […]

Let’s Get Real: Dr. Phil’s ’57 Chevy Stolen

Dr. Phil McGraw has got be feeling just about as low as a pregnant snake’s belly right about now, for his 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible has been stolen right out of the Los Angeles auto repair joint it had been at for, presumably, repairs. Since the darn car is worth somewhere northwards of a […]

Snoop Dogg Gives Away 1962 Lincoln on ‘The Price is Right’

Cementing his reputation of being an O.G. who is willing to peddle just about anything for a buck and a bit of camera time, Snoop Dogg has just recently had a guest appearance on TV’s “The Price is Right,” filmed in Studio 33 of CBS’s TV City in North Hollywood, to help Drew Carey give […]

Must See: Original, Unfinished Bugatti to be Unveiled at Pebble Beach for First Time

Car collector extraordinaire Peter Mullin is going to reveal the unfinished original Bugatti at Pebble Beach. The hand-built car, designed by Jean Bugatti before his death while race-testing a car in 1939, has an aluminum body, Papillion doors-a precursor to the gullwing door, and a smoothly swooped cabin. Yeah, I know, finally there is a […]