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California: The Nation’s Worst Drivers…Again

Dang, California loses again. I was sure that California had the worst drivers in the nation. After all, there is a reason I arrive at the office each morning with me knuckles white and my teeth clenched. However, according to the Craig opver at Boldride, California’s drivers are not bad at all, at least not when compared to some of the country’s crappier states.

  • Drivers in the District of Columbia are, according to a GMAC Insurance study, the least likely to understand the rules of the road, with 29 percent of them not being capable of passing a written driving test. This is actually not surprising when one thinks about how those in DC are unlikely to understand the common sense rules of life. 
  • South Dakota, meanwhile, is home to the worst teen drivers. US News and World Report says that when using criteria such as road quality, teen deaths and accidents, teen licenses SD teens scored the lowest in the nation.
  • Heading west, if you drive in Montana you are more likely to die in a car accident than in any other state. There was no word on how roaming buffalo and grizzlies play a part in this rash of road deaths.
  • Not surprising anyone is that Florida has the worst senior drivers. America’s wackiest state projects that in about 15 years, 25 percent of all of its drivers will be 66 or older. Note to self, never visit Florida.
  • Finally, the most distracted drivers are on the roads of Tennessee. the National Safety Council says that nearly 11 percent of all fatal accidents in the state are, at least in part, caused by cell phone use.