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San Diego Man Confesses to Stealing Corvette 23 Years Ago

An unidentified Irish immigrant stole a new Chevrolet Corvette from a dealership in San Diego in 1989. Then, worried about being caught with the car, he placed the car in storage, where it sat until just recently.

When the car was first stored, the car thief paid $50 a month in storage. However, in recent times the cost of storage increased to $300 a month, an amount the man finally decided was too much, which lead him to having his lawyer contact San Diego’s finest to tell them where the car was stored.

The San Diego police found the car in storage with flat tires and a mere 67 miles on its odometer. A review of the storage facility’s records found that the thief had spent more than $70,000 in total hiding the car. The thief was not charged since the crime took place more two decades ago and he cooperated with the authorities.

The Corvette was given to the insurance company that had reimbursed the car dealer for the lost. It was later sold on eBay for $39,741 to a car dealer in Sherman Oaks.  Seems like a bit of a morality story.  Steal a car, and then pay quadruple the purchase price trying to hide it from the authorities!