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Low-Income South-Bay Families Get Car Loan Program

A national car loan program has stretched its tentacles into the lives of poor families in California’s bay area (in a good way).

Ways to Work offers low-interest auto financing to parents who are trying to become self-sufficiency. At least one mother has benefited from the program. Regina Barrios of San Jose says that her Honda CR-V is a blessing. “I use my car for work, to drop my kids [off] at school and also for myself to go to school at nighttime,” Barrios said.

Jeff Faulkner, the president of the program that uses other people’s money to help another set of people, is not shy about tooting horns.

“It just frees up one’s life so much. We really work for them to build new habits so they can repair that credit score so they don’t have to come back a second time. Ultimately that’s the reason they came to us.”