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Carmageddon II: Should We Care?

Los Angeles is in the news again. This time, the nationwide coverage is for a two-day closure of a ten-mile stretch of its 405 Freeport near the Sepulveda Pass. Yeah, this writer doesn’t know where that is either.

The closure is due to the scheduled demolition of a bridge somewhere near or on the closed freeway. As los Angeles-ites are wont to do, they used to occasion to peddle goods such as the Carmaggedon Burger. They’re awfully clever. The demolition of the bridge is just one part of a $1 billion freeway refurbishing project that will also be adding a carpool lane to the northbound side of the freeway.

By all accounts Carmageddon II went smoothly with one road king saying, “On schedule and things are going well. Demolition of the center span [over the freeway] is nearly complete. Slotting of the top desk on the two outer spans is 40% complete.”