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Must See: Original, Unfinished Bugatti to be Unveiled at Pebble Beach for First Time

Car collector extraordinaire Peter Mullin is going to reveal the unfinished original Bugatti at Pebble Beach. The hand-built car, designed by Jean Bugatti before his death while race-testing a car in 1939, has an aluminum body, Papillion doors-a precursor to the gullwing door, and a smoothly swooped cabin. Yeah, I know, finally there is a reason to go to Pebble Beach.

Jean Bugatti was the son of the famed carmaker Ettore Bugatti. Many believe that Ettore never fully recovered from his son’s death and that his company floundered as well following the elder’s death in 1947 being without both the father and the son. 

If you’re a Bugatti aficionado, you may also want to check out the 268 mph Veyron coming to Oxnard, CA.