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California Ranks Highest on Audi Road Frustration Index

Audi is plugging the 2012 A6 to anyone it can possibly force copy onto. Nothing new there. You can not turn on the television without seeing an ad from some automaker. What Audi is doing different in this campaign is that they are offering a contest in exchange for a pledge to safer driving habits.

Users commit to not drinking a latte while driving, cell phone use, etc in order to be entered for a chance to win a trip to Audi Sportscar Experience driving school. The driving school has a lot more appeal than a trip to the Bahamas, so the contest should attract the right sort.

Another new offer from Audi is dubbed the Road Frustration Index. It is sort of a tongue-in-cheek attempt to show drivers how their city ranks among the most frustrating to drive in. The system uses real time data to rank large cities around the world. Not surprisingly, California has more than one city in the top rankings on a daily basis.  And that’s without taking into account the frustration that can come with applying for California auto loans.

While having the frustration tool is an interesting distraction, the contest makes more sense. Oh, by the way, if anyone from Audi is reading, Yes, I will take a free trip to the school if you have one just laying around.