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Is Compressed Natural Gas The Future For Taxis?

The taxi industry is always looking for ways to save money and be more profitable. Fuel is the biggest expense industry wide. The most recent way taxi services are trying to save on fuel costs is to use compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.

California Yellow Cab of Orange County recently put 10 CNG vehicles into service with another 110 on order. In Chicago, Taxi Medallion Management has a dozen CNG taxis in service. Two cab companies are waiting for 70 CNG vehicles to arrive in Connecticut. Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Philadelphia are also planning to add CNG vehicles to taxi fleets. In each instance, the Ford Transit Connect is the vehicle of choice.

In large cities, taxis account for a great deal of the emissions and fuel consumed. CNG burns cleaner and is more cost efficient than a gas powered vehicle. Just on those two points, CNG vehicles may be the future of the taxi industry.  Here at California Auto Loans, we think that’s pretty cool.